Miracles in Mentalism


Mentalism at Your Corporate Event

For a professional organized show that will amaze the audience The Magic of Doug Dern provides a specialized blend of mind reading that is designed to entertain. The show takes the audience on a journey around the world and inside the mind. It will leave the audience in an amused state of amazement and belief in psychic powers. It is a 45 minute routine that demonstrates that thoughts do have wings and magicians have special memories.  With the added twist of comedy this show is perfect for any event. So if your needs are a small corporate banquet or a major event of thousands this is the right choice. 

Why hire a mentalist ?

If you are having a big corporate dinner and you need top notch entertainment why would you hire a mentalist? Because it will leave a great impression on your audience. It will make them gasp with joy and amazement in ways that other entertainers simply cannot provide.  

30 years of mind reading

As my professional entertainment career started out as a classic magician and i still do magic shows, but it lead into something bigger. I wanted more. I wanted to give more then just a magic show. I became familiar with the works of Ted Anneman and using magic for mind reading and psychic entertainment. At some point a magician learns that mentalism is much more then just a magic show. It is a form of entertainment bends magic with real mind reading and scientific methods that leave a big mystery. But when put on stage and used in a professional format it offers something so unique that the audience knows they have seen something special. 

Call today for a booking

Whatever your event is do not wait. My schedule books up quickly. Call for the details. 



How much does it cost?

The fees are various based on the event. It could be between $3,000.00 and $10,000 for a good corporate event. 

Is it worth it?


What are the advantages of hiring a mentalist for my event?

You will look like a genius and your guess with think you are the best.

How do I reach you?

248-882-0838 personal cell

Where are you located?

Detroit area. Most of my shows are in Michigan and Ohio but will travel.